Tory came to the world of bike racing late in life and having almost no prior experience with cycling- during high school she ran the 400 m in track and perhaps that was her first experience with suffering. She quit sports to focus on theater. Sports didn’t enter her life much until her 2 boys were out of diapers and her doctorate in psychology was finished. She won some 5K trail “fun” runs and her husband talked her into doing a tough mudder obstacle/run event which she strangely enjoyed (obstacles included getting shocked by live wires crawling through water and immersing yourself in an ice pool- the links to cycling are clear). Someone else suggested doing the M22 Challenge and that’s when it started. Fast forward to 2020- entering her 5th year of racing and 4th being a part of TCL. There’s few kinds of bikes she does not enjoy racing but her faves are cyclo-cross and gravel. In 2019 her race count hit 40 and highlights included winning the MI Gravel Short Series for the 2nd time, the fatbike category of IceMan, snagging 3rd in the MI State Cat 3 road race, and ranking 4th in the state for cyclo-cross. Goals for 2020 include continuing to have a lot of fun on bikes, racing less frequently but longer, and encouraging others to get on bikes.